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Houston Commercial Real Estate Developer
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Our Vision
The vision we share with our tenants, lenders, employees and investors has resulted in an uncommon sense of stability. This stability is reflective of a business philosophy that requires sharing results with all contributors. We have experienced a minimum amount of turnover both in our employees and our tenants. The lack of turnover, in addition to providing stability in our endeavors, also allows business operations to be quality oriented without the economic drags of personnel turnover and releasing. Currently ninety percent of both our tenants and our employees have been with us for over ten years. In addition, every lender and every current investor is involved in at least their second deal with us. This philosophy has been a firm and consistent part of the organization with the results producing properties with increased valuations, stable occupancy and positive cash flow.
Featured Project
Trinity    Trinity Medical Arts
Fort Worth, Texas
An 80,000 square-foot proposed medically-oriented building containing an ambulatory surgical center, imaging center, medical clinic, and physician offices. The four-acre site has been purchased and an existing 130,000 square-foot manufacturing facility was demolished after an extensive environmental abatement. Planned start of construction has been deferred with project's scope and design now being reevaluated.